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WatchUsTrade is a resource - a community where trading fundamentals are learned, two way communication is always available and traders are by your side. With WatchUsTrade, your crypto is better informed.
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We Provide an inclusive view of expert traders processes as well as omnipotent insights.

Our rockstar traders will teach you the industry’s most guarded secrets. By following, doing and gaining access to our rockstars, you too could be up 2,600% this year!

Boost your knowledge base by learning the fundamentals of trading.

Trade with confidence.

You need not have a MBA in finance to learn. By empowering yourself with the tools and insider insights, the expertise you gain will serve you for years to come.

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Visual trading & Mirroring technique

By emulating the best you will learn to trade like the industry’s top traders.

Be in the know

By learning to identify trade signals, calls and knowing how to respond, rather than react or follow, you will find yourself ahead of the curve.

Identify your moves

Even those with little to no knowledge will quickly acquire the toolset to chart, identify and position themselves toward limiting their risks and maximize their gains

Position for success

Remove the guess work and leverage dedicated trading strategies for crypto assets to ensure your success.

Optimize yourself

Decision making technology, currently under development, will identify your trading weaknesses, avoid mistakes and transform you from an emotionally flawed human to a money making machine

Clients About Us


Hi Nick,

“I have been buying cryptos for 8 months and have 3 subscriptions to trade calls. The crypto school, watchustrade and is heads above the rest. A very smart, easy to follow calls with so much support, even for those who have never traded as myself. When the market goes down, this service is the only ones that have turned my crypto positively green. cant thank you guys enough Deb."


Finally had Time

"Holy shiza, I finally had time to sit down & do a spreadsheet on all my trades since I've been in this room (about a week after they started). I started with only .1 BTC to trade and to date 31 days, I've made 0.42 BTC!!!!!!!! i'm so amazed, with the calls and support "Z" and "Cowboy" Provide day in night out!!! Thank you guys!!!!."


Standing Applause

"Ping, yea man just wanted to let u and @cryptoCowboy know that on my first month with u guys made over 1.5 of btc and was able to offset all taxes and pay off my debt. This is better then just fixing the credit now i have power to pay it down and have fun doing it! 9:02pm 10.1.2018."


Z......Nailed It

" are amazing with your critical Thinking approach to is truly amazing that your recent BTC buys were at the pin drop of 5900 and back out at 5800 and you NAILED THEM."


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